A revolution in global health care

Our vision is to revolutionise point-of-care diagnosis and treatment of blood-borne disease and after twenty years of research, Biotech Resources and the Monash University Centre for Biospectroscopy have developed their revolutionary, data-driven diagnostic platform. 

From macro to nano-scale

In the 1960s astronomers had a big problem. Despite having the largest, most advanced optical telescopes ever available, they postulated that they could only see half of the universe. Dust clouds in space were preventing them from seeing the other half.

The answer was to look beyond the visible spectrum and utilise Infrared light. Although we cannot see infrared light with the naked eye, all objects in the universe emanate it, and each transmits a unique signature based on its chemistry. New infrared telescopes were developed and they revolutionised astronomy. By penetrating the dust clouds scientists could see and study the missing half of the universe for the first time.  

Now infrared is revolutionising science once again, allowing us to unlock the secrets of the nanoscale universe.

Utilising infrared spectroscopy medical scientists are able to identify the unique chemical composition of the nano scale world inside our bodies including the composition of our blood; white cells, red cells, platelets and the plasma that contains water, proteins, glucose, mineral ions, hormones, carbon dioxide and much more.

Biotech Resources' medical scientists have developed and patented a method using Infrared spectroscopy that can tell whether the blood is healthy or diseased, whether it contains viruses, parasites, fungi or bacteria.

All this can be achieved without the need for expensive laboratories, microscopes, reagents or test tubes. A desktop infrared spectrometer and access to our proprietary and patented diagnostic algorithms is all it takes to rapidly and inexpensively diagnose disease anywhere in the world.

Our vision is to provide access to affordable improvements in human health.

Imagine being able to:

  • accurately detect bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections of the blood in minutes, not days
  • rapidly detect antibiotic resistance so new patient therapies can be offered
  • visit your GP, provide a finger prick blood sample at reception and have full bloods available by the time you see your doctor minutes later
  • track and predict infectious disease outbreaks globally through access to big data

Biotech Resources is building solutions in all of theses areas to deliver a revolution in global health care.