International protection

Biotech Resources holds the original exclusive license to commercialise the Intellectual Property and IP Improvements associated with the following three patents from Monash University:

  1. Method and System for Rapid Malaria Detection. -
    Issued Patent US9983130

  2. Method and System for Detection of Disease Agents in Blood.
    Issued Patent_US_10145839_B2

  3. Spectroscopic Systems and Methods for The Identification and Quantification Of Pathogens.

  4. U.S. Provisional Application entitled “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SPECTRAL DETECTION OF DRUG-RESISTANT PATHOGENS,” filed on March 13, 2019 and assigned U.S. Application No.62/818,039;

National phase entries for the major patent applications have been lodged in countries representing 58% of the global population.